Limnos is the eighth largest island in Greece and is located in the northern Aegean Sea, in the Thracian Sea, between the Mount Athos, Samothraki and Imvros.

Limnos is a volcanic island and has fertile valleys cultivated with cereals and vines. Myrina is the capital of Limnos and its main port, named after the woman of the first king of the island, Thoanda.

According to mythology, Limnos is the island where God Hephaestus lived. At least since the 8th century BC the Pelasgians, who came from the mainland of Greece, settled in Limnos, but after the Persian wars Limnos passed into the power of the Athenians who expelled the Persian garrison and in 477 BC the island became a member of the Delian alliance.

The visitor can tour himself to the prehistoric Myrina, the sanctuary of the goddess Artemis, the Palaeolithic settlement at Louri and Poliochni, which is the oldest city in Europe.

Limnos has a great tradition in products such as livestock, mainly cheeses, honey and cereals, as well as a wide variety of wines with a special taste due to its volcanic soil.

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