Kalymnos, with its capital, Pothia, is an island of the Dodecanese in the eastern Aegean Sea. Its position is below the south part of Leros, from which is separated by the homonymous narrow channel.

The island has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, the earliest inhabitants were the Kares and later the Phoenicians also had a great interaction with the island.

In the period after 1150 BC the island was colonized by the Dorians. Homer calls it Kalydnes and reports that the island participated with other islands in the Trojan war, by shipping 30 ships to help the Greeks.

The traveler can visit the ancient temple of Apollo and the castle of the country as well as the naval museum with exhibits that testify the island’s sponge-diving tradition, the diving techniques and the equipment of the legendary sponge men.

Kalymnos has the largest fleet of fishing vessels in Greece, so its production is based on fishing and of course on sponge fishing, but it is also famous for its thyme-honey as well as for other local herbs.

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