The prefecture of Ilia with its capital, the famous Pyrgos, is geographically located in Peloponnese. Its beautiful coastlines are touched by the Ionian Sea and the rivers Alfios and Pinios run through the area and have created lagoons and important wetlands.

The region has a long history that gets lost into the centuries. The geographical location and wealth of the region favored the growth of culture and trade.

In Ilia is located the sanctuary of Olympia. Its reputation had spread from the east (Mesopotamia) till the West (South Italy). However, 776 BC can be characterized as the landmark year; it was when the first Olympic Games of antiquity began by the Spartan Lykourgos.

In the 5th century, the reputation of Olympia reached in such a point, that the place was an assembly point for the political philosophers and artists of that time.

The region is rich in the production of important agricultural and livestock products and is famous for the excellent strawberries, the pure honey, the extra virgin olive oil, as well as for the famous black raisins.

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