The prefecture of Heraklion with its capital, Heraklion or else Handakas, occupies the smoothest and largest part between the mountains Idi and Dikti. Its northern part includes lush valleys and plains, the most prominent of which is the plain of Kastelli. The area is also diffused by rivers, which flow into the Cretan or the Libyan Sea.

The history of Heraklion connects the place with the antiquity and with Europe. In Crete, according to mythology, Zeus brought the beautiful Europe with who he was in love. Τhe fruit of their love was the famous king Minoas.

As the centuries pass, Knossos is created, with its harbor and its palaces which constitute the birthplace of the Minoan civilization (2000BC – 1450BC). Heraklion is named after the mythological hero Heracles! Knossos with the Minoas’ palace is still preserved and the visitor can admire the first sample of the ancient Greek culture.

The prefecture of Heraklion, with its fertile plain, is famous for its early vegetables, the extremely pure green olive oil as well as for its livestock and fishery products, which can make it nutritionally self-sufficient.

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