Evia Island

The second largest island in Greece, Euboea – with its one edge hit by the Aegean Sea and the other by the clear waters of the Evian gulf – holds a distinct position in the long history of Greece.

Starting from the inhabitants of the ancient city of Avantis, who accompanied Agamemnon to his campaign against the Trojans, in Lelantine war at the end of the 8th century, till the famous naval battle of Artemisium in the early 5th century BC, this place lived glorious moments.

It is worth visiting her capital, Chalkida and see the unique tide phenomenon. Τhe visitor can also admire the unique historical monuments, such as the ancient theater of Eretria, as well as the famous Dragon houses of Karystos.

The Euboic land with its temperate Mediterranean climate, has all those features so as to be rightly called rich land. It is renowned for its excellent olive oil, its pure honey, the dried figs and the mountain tea.

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