Cyclades is an island complex in the Aegean Sea. The layout of the islands is in two parallel lines along Sounio and Euboea, dividing them into western and eastern Cyclades. The capital of the island complex is Ermoupoli, which belongs to Syros.

The Cycladic islands mark the dawn of the Greek civilization due to their location and their historical presence. The name Cyclades was given to the islands because they formed a circle around Delos, the sacred island of Hellenic antiquity.

Since the end of the 4th millennium BC, alongside the Early Minoan civilization, starting from Kea, the Cycladic civilization has developed and has left unrepeteable artistic examples of the famed Cycladic worldwide.

Nowadays, millions of Greek and foreign travelers are visiting Cyclades, seeking their own version of a dream holiday through the glare and the transparent blue waters. Every island has its own unique beauty, but they all share the characteristic Cycladic architecture of the small white houses. Famous archeological sites one can visit are the archaeological site of Delos and the buried city of Santorini, created by the eruption of the homonymous volcano in 1200 BC.

Cyclades are famous for various products, such as the fava beans form Santorini, the exquisite and special wines, the honey, the herbs and the livestock products.

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