One of the most important islands of the eastern Aegean Sea, is Chios which holds a special position as it is the 5th largest island in Greece and is known for its famous mastic. The capital of the island is the city of Chios called Chora.

In the middle of the 11th century BC the island was colonized by the Ionians who were merchants and sailors and pioneers in literature and the arts.

The history of the island is long through the Hellenistic times and the late Roman and Byzantine times and reaches even the years of the Greek Revolution against the Turks. Chios had an influential position and its captains an active role in the Greeks’ national liberation struggle.

The unforgettable, tragic event that will mark the revolution with blood, is the slaughter of Chios, which will also be depicted on the famous painting of painter Delacroix.

Chios is also known for the rock of Daskalopetra since it was connected with the tradition of Homer and was considered as the school of the great poet. The visitors can also see the temple of Apollo in Fana and the archaeological site of commerce.

The famous product of Chios is its mastic. The island also produces olive oil, figs and wine.

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