The prefecture of Chania, with its capital Chania, or else Venice of the East, as the tourists call it, belongs to the western part of the island of Crete and is bounded on the north by the Cretan Sea and on the south by Libyan Sea. The most of its land is half-mountainous and mountainous and hosts the imposing White Mountains.

Chania is the place in with which the Minoans built Kydonia, while excavations that took place in various places such as Kastelli, proved that the area was inhabited since the Neolithic years. Of course, the first colonists from the mainland of Greece, were the Dorians around 1100 BC. Many conquerors have passed from Chania, but the Venetians put their stigma, both architecturally and culturally, from 1200 AD until the conquest of Crete by the Ottomans.

The visitor can admire the Venetian dock halls and the Venetian harbor of Chania, the Roman theater of ancient Aptera as well as the archaeological area of Kastelli.

The economy of the region is largely based on tourism, but also on the agricultural and livestock products, most notably on the virgin olive oil, the wine, the gruyere, the honey and the green groceries.

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