Attica is one of the most historic areas of Greece with Athens as a capital. The area is based on the Attica peninsula that extends into the Aegean Sea. The Kitheronas mountain range separates it from Boeotia in the north part. The most important mountains of Attica are Hymettus, Parnitha, Egaleo and Penteli.

During the antiquity the Athenians prided themselves on the fact that they were native, but according to historical sources, Attica had become a refuge for the Ionians who belonged to a Greek tribe from the northern Peloponnese.

The story will write many episodes but the most important and the one that will leave the greatest cultural heritage to the humanity worldwide is the establishment of the Republic by Cleisthenes in 507 BC.

Also, the resistance of the Athenian and therefore of all Greeks in the barbaric lailaps to the east Persians with the battle of Marathon in 490BC and the battle of Platae in 479BC, laid the foundations for the beginning of the golden age of Pericles, when the arts, the letters and the Greek philosophy flourished.

The visitor can be ecstatic by the majesty of the Parthenon, that stands proud for 25 centuries at the Acropolis’ base along with the Erechtheion and admire the uniqueness of the Caryatids.

Τhe mild Mediterranean climate of Attica favors many crops of agricultural products, such as grapes, vegetables and olives.

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